It has been an incredible journey with the Vanquish Volante!


After a very solid ownership, it is time for my Aston Martin Vanquish Volante to be unwrapped and prepared to find a new home. Having initially been bought to take part in Where’s Shmee and then Fuel Faction DUE, it has served its purpose perfectly but with the AMG GT R and Porsche GT3 inbound in the near future, it has become superfluous to requirements. Benzene and I jump into both of the V12s from the garage, including the Ferrari FF, to head over to Dub Customs to drop it off. Will you miss it too?

NASA invites Stephen Curry to see moon rocks
Tuesday December 11, 2018

Moon-landing skeptic Stephen Curry will get the chance to see evidence after NASA invited him to the Space Center in Houston. NASA has invited Stephen Curry to see "hundreds of pounds of moon rocks" at the Johnson Space Center in Houston after the two-time NBA MVP suggested that lunar landings were faked. Speaking on The Ringer's […]

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Maybe one day a Vanquish S might come in to replace the outgoing car, although the Carbon Edition Volante will be hard to replace. In the mean time it has been a fun adventure, from getting your input as to what car to buy, to a year of two Aston Martins, and now mixing it up again.

WWE News: Colt Cabana’s lawsuit against CM Punk thrown out
Tuesday December 11, 2018

The legal drama between two former best friends wages on after this latest development. Judge Daniel Kubasiak of the Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois recently threw out the lawsuit filed by Colt Cabana in August against CM Punk. Colt Cabana, real name Scott Colton, filed a 15-page lawsuit in August against CM Punk, real […]

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